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Apps and websites have been a major catalyst in the dating community, and the doors have opened for all demographics. It is an exciting time for experimenting in dating.

of determining a socially-acceptable age difference in partners goes something like this: half your age plus 7 (40 = 20 7 = 27) to define the minimum age of a partner and your age minus 7 times 2 (40 = 33 * 2 = 60) to define the maximum age of a partner.

Ex-spouses and children can also affect the dynamic of the relationship.

A friend of mine felt her partner was objectifying her due to her young age.

In her words: “” This is an extreme example, but I am grateful she brought it up.

If you ever find yourself in a relationship where you feel made into a sex object by your partner due to your age, race, gender or sexuality, please identify this a major red flag and reconsider the future of the relationship.

Every person deserves to be respected and appreciated by their partner, not viewed as an object or prize.

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In return, I inspired him to think outside the box, softened his edges and appreciated his giving nature.

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