2 way flirt cam

However, only one party can send or receive audio data at a time, which is similar to a walkie-talkie.

In two way audio cameras with full-duplex mode, both parties can send and receive audio data through two-way audio IP security cameras at the same time.

Actually most traditional Po E bullet and dome security cameras, especially the outdoor type, will not feature the two-way audio function currently.

For high-quality two way security cameras, the baby monitors and battery powered cameras would be a better option.

So if you are looking for a two-way audio 360° rotatable wireless smart security camera, you may go to check out the C1 Pro that can do 355° pan and 105° tilt.

If you want a wireless two way audio security camera system, you can buy an NVR for 24/7 video recording.

Security cameras with audio will only record audio while doing video recording.

You cannot talk to your children or family with this type of security cameras.

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