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Long Description 2: We provide services in adult pay per minute live cam chat development.

Our live cam chat website integrated services include: Red5Cam live cam chat with CMS; Unique website design; Billing system integration; Initial content of the website; Setup, configuration and testing of live cam chat website on server; Consulting in website promotion and optimization; Technical and warranty service of website; Providing with contacts of models, wishing to work in new live cam chats.

Now it’s time to get our hands dirty by building the app.

We’ll be using the following dependencies to build our project: const express = require('express'); const app = express(); const port = 3000; // Set public folder as root app.use(express.static('public')); // Provide access to node_modules folder from the client-side app.use('/scripts', express.static(`$/node_modules/`)); // Redirect all traffic to app.use((req, res) =.

For the sake of simplicity (especially if you’re already familiar with Handlebars) you can copy the entire markup code from our Git Hub repository. First off, copy this code and place it after the Go through the markup code and read the comments to understand what each section is for.

Unfortunately, testing this bit of code isn’t possible without running it on an HTTPS server.

Theoretically, you can generate a self-signed certificate for your Express server in order to run the app within your internal network.

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