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Some of the languages are good for producing small programs that require very little memory space and can be embedded in computer chips.

Some programming languages are great for programming Web applications that run inside the Web browsers.

Without applications, computers, smartphones, and game consoles would have very limited use for most people.

Computing devices usually come with an Operational System (OS) installed such as Windows, Mac OS, i OS, and Android, but imagine an i Phone that has no applications at all or a laptop that can only show the OS logo. Programmers create applications using different programming languages such as Java, Python, C , Java Script, C, and many others.

To start programming in Java you need to download the Java Development Kit (JDK) from the company called Oracle, which makes releases and updates of Java versions.

The full name of the software to download is Java SE Development Kit.

The book "Java for Kids" was written by Yakov Fain, Java Champion.

The goal is to help students learn to program in the most popular language in the world: Java.

For one thing, the same Java program can run on different devices: from desktop computers running Windows or Mac OS to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.We’ll download the Java SE 8, which was the latest version of Java available while writing this book. Accept the license agreement and select the proper link depending on the Operational System (OS) installed on your computer.While Java programmers need JDK installed, the users of your applications need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on their machines.After making a donation, you’ll be entitled to receive the PDF version of the book as well as in MOBI (for Kindle) and EPUB (for i Book) formats.People communicate with each other using different languages.

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