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Just know when going out and about together, that culture is extremely important to Thais, as is reputation.So, chances are if you have a drug or alcohol problem, things won’t work out.So, as you can see this goes both ways and is something you’ll need to consider carefully before acting on or moving forward.Simply put, don’t show up on your first date or brag about your car, money, and other assets unless that’s what you like to do, and wish to attract the women that come along with such a lifestyle – i.e.And even if they do, unless you change, when the day comes to meet her parents and friends they will most likely reject you – or otherwise not “give their approval” of you which will be a deal-breaker.Be a gentleman, and don’t forget the values of the traditional culture of not only Thais, but also your own.

It doesn’t make you cheap, and in reality, any good Thai woman will appreciate the opportunity to “bond” with a nice, good, and sincere foreign man.For starters, Thai women are very traditional, and depending on where you met yours, chances are she will be against any forms of PDA (public displays of affection).Just remember – in most cases – avoiding or rejecting your kiss in public, or even holding your hand by no means she isn’t necessarily interested.Especially for those that are looking for a more serious relationship, or long and meaningful life in Thailand.Another piece of advice, while it might seem a little redundant, the truth is no matter how old, we as men can be a little inattentive or simple.

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