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Are they answers to the requests of a changing environment?Or the result of an evolution of the neurophysiological organization of the brain?This world in which we are living allows us to jump into new paradigms in which technology has an important role.The challenge that we invite you in is to think on this new opportunities that arouse on this world, which take us a little bit closer to the most real reality: a hiper-reality.The cognitive abilities of the ancient hominids seem to appear very progressively in so far as the material evidences that they left behind them are taken into account.In fact, their technical productions, which appeared more than 2 million years BP, improved very slowly.

Are these differences the result of simply diverging process in species with equivalent potentialities at the beginning?Counting with the participation of archaeologists from several South American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela), we intend to discus topics such as the European influence in South American archaeology, the strong penetration of North American theory, and the independent thought of South American's Social Archaeology, opening the debate for an analysis of the theoretical consistency of the archaeological production in South America.(SAP)New methods arise everyday, as technology goes further and new opportunities of analysis are given.From Statistics to Artificial Intelligence, from GIS to 3D, today’s archaeological practice has changed, as computers become more and more included in our lives.This is the space of innovation, were we invite the presentation of new ways of being archaeologist.

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The growing field of bioarchaeology has focussed primarily on methodological as well as local or regional issues during the last few years.

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