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didn't deliver on a prompt that should have been followed with dry British humor. The British will just have to stick to being sarcastic at every available opportunity instead. Claire from the US: R.'s blind willingness to spend time with a stranger might be considered cute? This is the least entertaining drunk text of all time. was nice enough to receive this message in a humble manner (unlike others I tried) and he even threw a compliment my way too. Janet from the UK: M.'s response ticked more than a few of my boxes. Then there was some humility before he knocked it out of the park with some humour. Either way, the only two men to give compliments back happen to live in London — so this one goes to them. was cheeky but evasive — he definitely chose a fun way to get out of my question.

showed me the strange intersection of murder and dad jokes. The Verdict: It looks like the Americans win with jokes. doesn’t skirt around the question; his cheeky answer is amusing and definitely warranted a response. didn't push the issue and played along — he's got some funny in him. So gracious and appreciative, it makes you want to give him a hug. and his one-minute response time suggests extreme thirst, bud. seemed genuinely happy to receive that compliment, which, in turn, made me happy to give it. I was a little disappointed he didn't send a compliment back. The Verdict: It seems like men aren't used to getting compliments and the awkwardness that ensued proved it.

Also telling someone a date will be awkward is the quickest way to make it awkward. answering her question or just taking advantage of a captive audience for a slideshow? sent, it's just a pile of pixels, so I have no idea what he wanted me to see, but dear God I hope it's safe for work.

It leads me to believe that this is a form letter he fires off to every match/possible third. he is just using humour to express his entitled preference for darker-skinned women…

These guys come here looking for love/casual sex and instead they land on Bustle. further confirms that my profile pic ensemble is basically straight dude bait, and yet not a single man hit on or even high-fived me when I wore it IRL.

makes me want to delve in here, but more as a psychotherapist than a potential match. Ah, H.'s profile shows me he's a man who loves fitness, swim-up bars (got me there), and clubs where women carry shot trays. I've been on the dating scene for 16 years and even though it's become a bit unhinged, I think people are still trying to stumble across love. is either inquisitive or scared that he’s about to be strong-armed into a deep conversation, so he wants to know what he’s in for before he settles into it.

The Londoners were definitely more forthcoming, however, so this one goes to them! gets points for responding, double points for not being a perv at past midnight (a move that could easily have been played)...

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