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I loved the cover of book , which is designed by saurav Das. So, at the end of the book there are certain tips to help you deal with a breakup.I would surely recommend this book to people who are having a hard time finding their ideal mate and to parents as well, so that they know there is nothing wrong with dating and so that they understand this generation well.They have given two answers to each question, one from a boy’s point of view and another from girl’s.Every part of a relationship and its importance is explained in the book in a simple, easy breezy language. Although, the focus of the book is on dating, but as we all know, breakups are a major part of dating these days, and there are many few who know how to deal with a breakup.It is witty and very much relatable to our generation.Ira and Sachin has answered most of the questions related to dating, which comes into our minds.According to the data of 2017, the company has a surplus cash reserve of approx. They are considered the smartest in the business fraternity because they have a knack of selling their existing businesses with a very good valuation.

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Title: Desi Guide To Dating Author: Ira Trivedi, Sachin Bhatia Publisher: Harper Collins India Genre: Self-help, Relationships Page Count: 188 Published : February, 2019 Rating: 5/5 BOOK BLURB: So, you’re ready to start dating? Do you like a girl but can’t figure out how to ask her out?

Do you have a friend who likes you but you just don’t like him back?

About the Authors: is the CEO & Co-founder of Truly Madly, a popular online dating app for Indians. He is also the first investor and backer of Delta, India’s first relationship and networking app for the LGBT community.

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So you can consider this book as your dating playbook, with all the information you need to survive the first date and to make sure there’s a second one.

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