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The story of the game is that one day as you were walking down the street, a skeleton popped out and asked if you wanted to git gud.

You accepted and he teleported you in here so you got gud.

If something gets in it, double click the vent camera you already are in to seal it.

It drains everytime you use the buttons, the flashlight, the monitor and other stuff, so keep an eye on it.

Later that night when he got to his bed something peculiar happened, he dreamed about being in a place, an office..then the game starts.All the mechanics in the game are from the original Five Nights at Freddy's games.Having different fangames installed in your computer adds new mechanics: In the left and right of The Office there are two entrances with two buttons.Doing nothing also drains a bit of power because of the lights across the building and mostly because of a peculiar air blowing system.When the power is completely drained, you can't use your defenses, making you vulnerable.

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