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There is also ignorance on the part of otherwise liberal folk who see themselves as Great White Saviors.One of my old friends insists that every woman who works in an Asian restaurant is actually a victim of human trafficking and that children are pressed into service against their will.And while yes, there is human trafficking and it is a serious problem, stereotypes and ignorance of Asian cultures get in the way of actually addressing it properly.Somewhere in the anti-human trafficking movement, there is a document of things that are supposed to be key indicators of human trafficking, and unfortunately, some of those indicators are false and borne out of ignorance of the culture.I've always found brown skin, black hair, high cheekbones, masculine-yet-cohesive features (white men tend to look more rough-hewn), full lips, and beautifully shaped eyes (whether they have epicanthic folds or not) to be the epitome of human attractiveness.Body hair bothers me on a sensory level, so the less = the better.Girls are shallow and aren't into asians, despite how politically correct our society is right now. I’m mixed (half count lmao), black and white and my type is pretty much Po C.Girls are hypocritical and make zero sense when it comes to dating and relationships (even a girl in class admitted this was true, LOL). It is just a preference, but there is just something really nice about someone cultured and ethnic, I like learning things about different types of people, even if it is an Americanized version.

But while it may take on a subtler form, that racism does exist, and is especially dangerous since it often comes from those who would otherwise think of themselves as tolerant and accepting.

During the ‘40s and ‘50s, the mere concept of a white man and an Asian woman was that of forbidden love, and that was seen in popular movies of the time like South Pacific. ” Or, “You’re such a bad man for taking advantage of that poor little Asian woman!

Since the end of the Vietnam war, white men have increasingly said “to hell with it” and went into relationships with Asian women, but we have met with mixed results when it comes to acceptance. ” They assume a level of inequality in our relationship that doesn’t exist, and despite their outward appearance of tolerance and liberality, they fail to acknowledge that there is a possibility that we are equal partners.

That’s why Thai women who work in restaurants, whose names have eight syllables and are completely unpronounceable to Americans, usually call themselves something like “Jane.” It’s just easier.

It’s the same reason my grandfather, Wladyslaw, started calling himself “Walt” after he came to America from Poland.

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And believe me, there’s nothing subservient about my Thai wife!

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