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Elisa encourages those women to embrace the truth of God's everlasting love for them and their incredible value in His sight. And I’m telling ya, as a married man, I see this in my wife, Jean. She can struggle when she’s not feeling particularly beautiful. But what I do know is that Jesus died to give it to me.

(Part 1 of 2) I really wish that my voice didn’t sound so high-pitched and young for my age and people would take me more seriously on the phone or even in work, where my voice makes me sound very juvenile and I just wish it sounded more serious. And if somebody says something, it just doesn’t always hit in the way that it should. We want to discuss that today to give you a tool, maybe several tools, to improve your ability to accept a compliment, to understand it and hopefully, to be able to live in that space where you know God is loving and kind, sees you and loves you no matter what. And I think one of the things I want to accomplish today is to talk women down from that precipice. And so what I want to say is take a baby step toward him. He wants to give you life to the full – beauty full.

Elisa encourages those women to embrace the truth of God's everlasting love for them and their incredible value in His sight.

(Part 1 of 2) Elisa Morgan is a popular speaker and author who’s written more than two dozen books.

I mean, back in the Garden, in Genesis, God created man and woman. And I love how she talks about what we call the Fall. And I really want to address that to help those who are tripping on it. And you’re mentioning one, and it’s a super important one. But they’re also going, whoa, that is a lot more than just what we look like, physically. (Laughter) I mean, it – there’s a – I don’t know if it’s ego, or but there – have you observed that? It’s actually not all bad for a woman who looks at her own heart first. I mean, that’s what we do when we encounter – shouldn’t we just say sin? It’s not just that I did sin, and I made a list about it. …And can’t get out from underneath the weight of our errors. Or you think about a toothpaste tube, where you can neatly squirt a line of toothpaste onto your toothbrush. And their purpose is to give us access to what they contain. The hissy thief has come to steal and kill and destroy. So you will finally discover your perfect and profitable niche (or online business) today.There's only one way to find out, so get looking now...So, Jim, to – round about to answer that question, I look at my life and the things that have hurt me, things in my first family and goodness in my second family. And I know that those scars actually become part of my offering of beauty.

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He might be feeling guilty about something that would make him think that would help, but if the girlfriend does sleep with other people, he'll get upset or mad. Big difference, Synthetic, generally refers to the thing itself being Synthetic, rather then Natural, whereas Man Made, refers to the process.

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