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There is a way forward, despite the current lack of a DNA.

To assess the phylogeographic patterns of South Asian mt DNA lineages, we compiled mitogenomes from South Asia and neighbouring regions available in the literature, complemented with samples from the 1000 Genomes Project (1KGP) [33] and the Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) [34], including understudied populations from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, combined with several newly sequenced samples.

Whilst current genome-wide analyses conflate all dispersals from Southwest and Central Asia, we were able to tease out from the mitogenome data distinct dispersal episodes dating from between the Last Glacial Maximum to the Bronze Age.

Moreover, we found an extremely marked sex bias by comparing the different genetic systems.

In order to discern migrations into the Subcontinent at different time periods, we also performed a complementary analysis of several “non-autochthonous” N lineages present in South Asia (H2b, H7b, H13, H15a, H29, HV, I1, J1b, J1d, K1a, K2a, N1a, R0a, R1a, R2, T1a, T2, U1, U7, V2a, W and X2—all subclades of West Eurasian haplogroups), amounting to a total of 635 mt DNA sequences (Additional file 1: Table S2).

We assigned haplogroups using Haplo Grep [36], in accordance with the nomenclature in Phylo Tree (Build 17, February 2016) [37].

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