Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

Yes it certainly seems as though it’s more planned on than it is on…Jael De Pardo: Exactly, exactly. Like when you’re in law enforcement with evidence there’s a chain of command.

You log it, you make sure you know everyone who has it and what hands it gets past to because possibly that evidence could be used in court.

Since her childhood, Jael De Pardo had an interest in modeling and acting.

At the age of 4, she began her modeling career with Talking about her education, Jael studied at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology.

And you know, I haven’t particularly been on a few of the ghost cases that our team has been on, but they have returned with some very, very incredible evidence.

And how much homework and like supplies do you plan on bringing ahead of time?

Ben Hansen: Well for domestic cases we generally – it’s a four day shoot about.

And really exciting to be a part of even though you have to stand pretty far at a distance for safety purposes, but it’s really fun stuff to watch.

Hansen: Yes really big cases plus I think what we’re running into more is that we’re seeing – some videos we’re able to pretty much exactly replicate.

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