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THE RIGHT KIND OF CALORIE BURN: Guests in their black and white finery hit the dance floor, working off all that good cuisine at the Black & White Dance Party, benefiting the Thoracic Surgery Research Foundation of Montreal.A colossal congrats is in order for the super-team responsible for the recent 12th annual Black & White Dance Party (BWDP), benefiting the Thoracic Surgery Research Foundation of Montreal.with an international cocktail buffet, where mouthwatering lures like mountains of fresh lobster, charcuterie and, of course, a steady supply of top-tier vodka, Italian wines and bubbly set the gorgeously gluttonous tone of the night.That was soon followed by an equally impressive multi-course dinner featuring an exquisite ricotta and mushroom ravioli appetizer, hit-the-spot main of veal chop Milanaise and, rounding out the flavours, platters of sumptuous Saputo cheeses for dessert.The Outremont boutique offers an impressive range of products for individuals and professionals alike – especially restaurateurs.With the help of a dedicated team, the company has been expanding for three generations.There is nothing that elevates the culinary merits of a dish more than serving it in a dazzling environment!A restaurant’s decor is a physical manifestation of the efforts and investment of the restaurateurs.

THE DIFFERENCE: Finally, there is no greater heart-warmer than an event that makes real differences in precious lives, which is exactly what the Thoracic Surgery Research Foundation does.

THE DANCE: With legendary music masters like Paul Chacra’s 1945 band and DJ Marco Ferri in the hall, there was no need to fret over excessive caloric intake, for dance-floor work-offs — and workouts — were just as inspired.

FOUNDATION OF IT ALL: Foundation board members Jacques Ferraro, Sue Dabrowski, Sal Mariani, Sophie Quevillon, Dr.

Though tummies were more than gratified early on (clearly!

), Italian hospitality reigned supreme as the night progressed.

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However, if you take a moment to look beyond the impressive indoor tree, you will be equally as amazed by the modern geometric design of the bar, the neutral tones of light wood and white walls, and the restaurant’s lighting.

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