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Alexander and Swilley were known for their crude antics both during shows and at school.

They were kicked out of school during their senior year after the Columbine Massacre in 1999 because they were regarded as a "subculture danger." They released their first 7-inch in 2002 with tracks from their first ever studio LP ~ completed in 2000 with producer/guitarist Eric Gagnon of The El Caminos.

The film made its debut at the Atlanta Film Festival in April 2009.

Cole Alexander and Bradford Cox also have a project called Ghetto Cross.Eric Gagnon produced both "Stuck In My Mind" and "Does She Want" - which were tracked, mixed and mastered by Gagnon back in 2000.They slowly built a fanbase that appreciated their rough pastiche of blues, rock, doo-wop, country, and punk.The Black Lips were to star in the film Let It Be, in which they portrayed musicians in a fictitious 1980s era DIY band called The Renegades.The movie was set for production in the summer of 2008; however, in a September 2008 interview, the band admitted they became disenchanted with the project after viewing the trailer and seeing the way they felt they were going to be portrayed in the movie.

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