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There is a saying that love shouldn’t be surpassed by religion, but what if it is a big part of your life?

People need to be united in everything, and a religious outlook is no exception. If so, let’s talk about their likes and dislikes, and how to find a Muslim wife.

There are some pretty colorful options, and female Muslims can look bold and beautiful as well.

Dating a Muslim girl is connected with tons of rules you must follow, starting from not taking photos of her in public.

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To begin with, ideally, everyone should wear black abayas — long, dark capes.

But the minimum list of requirements is as follows: thick natural opaque fabric that covers the hands to the wrists and legs to the ankles, and a scarf that covers the neck and hair.

But it doesn’t prevent Muslim single ladies from making a fashion statement with their outfits.

Slavic girls usually differ from Muslim girls in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Ukrainian Muslim girls, as well as Russian Muslim girls, have a number of similarities and differences.

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