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But this rereading also reminded me how richly imaginative and wild Atwood’s fiction can get.I was also surprised how gripping I found it though I already knew the plot.Since I reread this novel partly as preparation for reading this forthcoming sequel I tried to pay attention to how its story might continue.The tight embargo on “The Testaments” means all we know about this second book is that it takes place fifteen years after Offred leaves for an unknown destination and that it’s narrated from the perspectives of three different women from Gilead.

It’s a point which is even emphasized at the end of the novel when the speaker presenting a lecture regarding Offred’s transcribed tale describes how the Republic of Gilead’s policies are an amalgamation of different practices and regulations from a selection of governments.It also inspired me to bake cinnamon rolls for the first time!She ruminates on a whole range of subjects from her personal past to her immediate family life caring for four children to local news to political divisions in America to global environmental concerns.But I was reminded of the real-world relevancy of the novel again recently when reading the memoir “My Past is a Foreign Country” by Zeba Talkhani because the author remarks how she didn’t consider “The Handmaid’s Tale” fiction because it felt like her reality when growing up in Saudi Arabia.When reading Offred’s tale this time I thought more closely about these parallels and the realities being portrayed in the story.

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