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In this version, Brody says goodbye to Kristin before going back to his apartment, where Lauren’s waiting on the couch.

They agree that it’s hard to say goodbye before grinning at each other.

"So I'm really, really happy for them." The So Cal gal added: "It's such an exciting time in both of their lives and I know Linda, his mom, loves her, so she must be so excited.

aired its final episode on MTV, and now, the reboot is finally here.

“Extra” spoke with the cast at their premiere party in Los Angeles, where they dished on the new show. but we're good.” The original series was on the air from 2006-2010.

Heidi Pratt weighed in on Lauren’s decision not to come back, commenting, “I think that she's in a different place.” When the original was airing, Lauren was in her twenties and hadn’t started a family with husband William Tell. Before that, Lauren and Kristin starred in “Laguna Beach,” which made them familiar faces in the reality world.

Kaitlynn dished, “[Mischa]'s really sweet and she's so interesting.” “The Hills: New Beginnings” premieres on MTV Monday, June 24."I dated Brody when I was 18, right after Laguna Beach, actually, and that's it.And then on the show, on The Hills, they had us 'dating' for a few episodes.They pretended that him and Jayde broke up and I was dating Brody, and Jayde and I got into a huge fight because she saw us in a club. They were together the entire time." As far as the real relationships she made on the show, Cavallari said she still speaks to Heidi Montag "all the time." "[She] is one of the sweetest, nicest girls I think I've ever met. I think she just got caught up in all the hype, which is easy to do," she told Frankel. When I was 18, I probably got caught up in the hype a little bit, too. And so I just think it's awesome." Warms our fuzzy hearts to hear these cast members say nice and compassionate things about each other -- instead of "drama, drama, drama." Be sure to offer your congratulatory messages to the soon-to-be Mr.

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