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Frantically searching, it is discovered that Nicki took Jenny leaving Jake devastated as her disappearance makes him look like an inadequate father.Horrified that she may be the reason for Jake losing custody of Jenny, Peyton arranges for the pair of them to escape to Savannah so that Nicki won't find them, therefore breaking up eachother leaving all three devastated.He then returned in season 2, after Lucas called him to cheer Peyton up and they got together. Having gained custody of Jenny since Jake didn't show up at the process (his convocation had been sent to Seattle, allegedly).He went to jail when he refused and gave Jenny to Coach Whitey Durham, who drove her to Florida.Jake had a relationship with Peyton Sawyer after the two of them started talking at Karen's Cafe on Open Mic Night.

Peyton Sawyer soon got close to his daughter and later to him.

She makes a joke to lighten up the mood by saying "Just think about all that sexy single dad Jake Jagielski tail you're gonna rake." Jake had a daughter Jenny while in high school with his older girlfriend Nicki.

After Jenny was born Nicki abandoned both her daughter and Jake leaving him to care for her; however it is made clear by Jake that his parents have helped to raise her.

Nikki found her the day he was released and was about to gain custody so he had to leave a broken-hearted Peyton behind.

In season 3, after Peyton was shot, she came to visit him and learned that Nikki's parents were keeping Jenny, until the trial.

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