Calendar dating back to 1980

In order to arrive at the birthdate, one has only to use the 8870 formula to quickly get the date of birth rather than taking time to count backward.

The 8870 formula using the above date and age as an example: Date of death - 1889 May 6 = 18890506 (where 1889=year, 05=month, 06=day)Age at death - 71 yrs 7 mo 9 days = 710709 (where 71=years, 07=months, 09=days)Subtract 710709 from 18890506 =18179797Subtract the Constant (8870) from 18179797Result = 18170927 (where 1817 = year, 09 = month, 27 = day.

The British Parliament changed the calendar from the old style to the new, the one used today, and changed the date of September 3rd, 1752 (old calendar) to September 14, 1752 (new calendar) thus dropping eleven days. C., many parts of the world used the Julian calendar to mark the passage of time.

England and the American colonies didn't officially accept it until 1752.For suggestions, concerns or complaints regarding a specific web site within the USGen Web Project, please use the Contact Form.Direct comments, technical difficulties or suggestions about this web site to the Webmaster.This person was born ) If the age in months and age in days are less than the month and day in the date of death, you can just subtract directly, i.e., Date of death - 1868 Dec 25Age at death - 45 yrs.5 mo 4 days Subtract 45 from 1868 = 1823Subtract 5 from 12 = 7Subtract 4 from 25 = 21Result = 1823 Jul 21 or the date of birth Comments and administrative-type problems should be emailed to the National Coordinator.

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