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If it is extremely important, then ask your sweetheart if she is willing to have a dialogue about what that would involve.Chances are she has no idea and you have only a sketchy one.“Mixed & Matched” offers advice for Jews in interfaith relationships and families. There is the law and then there is a different approach.

) and your home being interfaith (can we do two sets of holidays and have the kids feel Jewish? You are correct that a biracial child is more likely to be “questioned” about his or her Jewish identity.Don’t let starry-eyed liberals tell you that race doesn’t matter.Young biracial Jews report that it is harder when their parents don’t address this issue and racism in general.I’m Jewish and have been since before I have any memory.” Otherwise, I suggest you go to a Reform congregation where they accept patrilineal children as Jewish.But be aware that even if your children are raised Jewish, they will still come into contact with people who do not accept patrilineal descent, and you must be prepared to deal with that in a calm and supportive manner.

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You can build your children’s confidence by making sure they have a Jewish community — typically a synagogue — that accepts them and affirms their Jewish identity.

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  1. It can break other person’s defenses and force them to open up to you, or it can have a completely opposite effect by making them feel threatened.♦ Personal space When we attempt to hold someone’s hand, we invade their personal space.