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One worksheet is called the source worksheet, from where this link pulls the data automatically, and the other worksheet is called the destination worksheet that contains that link formula and where data is updated automatically.

Remember one thing that formatting of cells of source worksheet and destination worksheet should be the same otherwise the result could be viewed differently and can lead to confusion.

Selection_Change might be the only way I know where you will have to click somewhere else once for the code to get triggered...

Instead of waiting impatiently while it recalculates after every change you make, you can set the recalculation to manual, make all of your changes, and then recalculate at once.

You can fix most recalculation problems with one of these three solutions.

Now, fix that report, and get ready for your meeting.

I've found the following bit of code online, to add a =countccoolor function to excel, which counts the number of cells in a range that have a certain color.

The range is the "A" column, and I color whole rows based on case status.

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When this option is set to manual, Excel recalculates only when you click the Calculate Now or Calculate Sheet button.

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