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To: Every Single Site It's pretty cool that browsers allow you to do native notifications now.But, just between you and me, not every single damn one of you needs to use this feature. There is no "built-in" way to specify such a thing. As always, use these tips only if you know what you are doing ;), as they may have side effects.The key is to call the following when we want to disable the validation on a given field.S.-style phone number with an area code, you can use Cold Fusion to implement format verification by adjusting your CFINPUT tag accordingly: Because the same custom message is being used both when the field fails to be filled in and when it contains improperly formatted data, the text of the message has to be written in a way to convey both possible errors.The VALIDATE and REQUIRE validation failures do not have unique error messages.Ensuring That Text Fields Contain Properly ~ormatted Data.

For instance, all the server-side validation you did could just as easily have been done in Perl, Java Script, or C .

cfform2When this form is used, attempts to submit the form without filling the reqclred fields generates Java Script alert dialog boxes like the following one.

‘However, the default message used by the Cold Fusion-generated Java Script functions doesn’t provide much useful information. You use this function to specify an alternative error message tctthe default one provided by Cold Fusion: The REQUIRED and MESSAGEattributes can be used with any of the Cold Fusion form field tags.

Let’s start with our original form converted to Cold Fusion tags, as shown in Listing 16.6.

cfform1You can use the REQUIRED attribute to ensure that the required fields are filled in prior to form submission. In this case, you will use REQUIRED= H YES in both the Name and Phone fields, as shown in Listing 16.7.

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