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IV.— THE MANNER OF ARRANGING THE VERB CONJUGATIONS: AND THE REFERENCE BY NUMBER TO SUCH CONJUGATIONS FROM THE TEXT OF THE DICTIONARY. [fig) to subdue Sd OMPTEUR tamer [fig) subduer DON" gift : present | Le de plaire, A way [fam. To commit suicide | 'S'en ,' To give o's up to : to have one's fill of it : to ' go in for it ' DON-NEUR -EUSR giver icartes) dealer Donf pron. with, from, by wliom : among whom is (ou are] [chose) which : of, in, with, among, from, ou by which DONZELLE wench Qs. Un enfant gentil a croquer | -SHOOT- c ING la chasse au canard | -WEED lentille ■i dealt I To play _S and DRAKES, Faire |x] des ricochets I Duck V. [heavy) lourd [wearisome) assom- mant [colour) terne [fire) triste [edge blunt) emousse [sound) sourd [com) calme : plat : mort I _of HEARING, Dure d'orei He | -^ I feel , Je m'ennuie pg Dull V. [216] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. twelfthly DUPE [u as «] _ : ' gull ' | Etre la _ de, To be ■ taken in ' by | Duper' va. (Table 44-) to elect : to choose ELISION" — ELITE ' ' ides pers'] choice : pick : best | D' Best : choicest : very finest [regiment) ' crack ' [soldats) picked I^LIXIR I de longtie vie. [sujet) she \ph.ose) it [regime) her : it : herself : itself | s, [pi] They [regime) them : themselves | -meme. s- s) themselves ELL^BORE hellebore ELLIPSE [seom) Igrani) ellipsis EUiptiqire a. [de,from] distant : far away : out of the way : averse : disinclined (de, to] — de son compte. to smoke: to S out : to fill (a room) with S ENFUMOIR smoker (for bees] Engageant' -€ a. guilloche | -TURNING guillochis j Beam_,3fabalan- s cier j Fire- Pompe a incendie | Fire- '? d [i Mi'-bridd'i mongrel I HYDRAULIQUE —ics (pi] ■g H'ydraulique a. JOU PRANg AIS- ANGLAIS JUG JOUR day : light : daylight : opening : means IV. | Dans un mauvais , In a poor light [fig) in a bad humour | Dans les premiers [or derniers] s de, In the early [on latter] part of I D a dit un , C D once said ... _1 Idjov-ye-tl [-menf -Uy] J^OFIAi JTB gaiety | JOY AU jewel Joyeux" -ettse a. to jiercli (sur, on] Lther' JUGHOIR roosting-place Juda'ique a. to judaize JUDAt SME ieece-ni\ Judaism JUDAS' peep-hole JUDIOATUM SOLVI security required from foreigners suing Frenclimen in Fr. K'nelt] 'S s'agenouiller : se niettre a genoux ing a. again, Reconnaitre | C D ought to have — n better, C D n'aurait pas d Q le faire | Everybody s, Personne n'ignore | If it gets — n. Un coup de feu I Ata _ Dans un cas pressant : au moment critique | To give him a Le pousser | He's got plenty of in him [ou.

III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. o dans sorf] DONA donna DONATAIRE [* f.] beneficiary : donee DONATEUR-TRICJS donor : giver DONATION- — : gift [F. c at beginning or end of sentence, and before vowel] conj. : to get : to set up (pour, for] to take : to occur [bataille) to be fought | Se des airs, To give o'self airs | Se la inort. He is gone to sleep : he is asleep | Ne _ que d'un oeil. sur 30 1 DUCK canard: cane [canvas) toile a voiie [dip) „ plongeon | of a a ravir | A of a ■« child ! Faire le plongeon o DUCK'BILL PLAT'YPUS ornithorynque q DUCK'ING plongeon [, [com] I ]fichoir I When , a I'^cheance Vd UET' [diou-e W\ duo 'DUFF'ER' [de-fe-r1 imbecile :'savetier' Dug pret. Dig] -OUT abri (de tranehie'] DUKE [dtoufce] due | _DOM [de-tn] duche DUL'CIMER tympanon ^Du U a. to eliminate ELINGU'E sling | k pattes, Can-hook Elire va. to bind up : to stack ENGIN" engine : machine : gear : trap _S- de PECHE (pi] fishing-tackle Englobef va. benumbed : dull : torpid ENGOURDISSEMENT" numbness : torpor ENGRAIS" manure : grass : pasture : fatten- ing i _SSEMENT" fattening Engraisser" va. & s" t T.) to get fat : to thrive ENGRAVEMENT" stranding fstranded Engi"aver' t'. de} j'ai un rendez-vous | Naval Combat naval 1 RING bagiie de fian(ailles Enga'ging [gliedjel a. engendrer : faire naitre (^EN'GINE machine [«3l) locotnotive [fig) in- strument 1 -DRIVER, -MAN mecanicien I -ROOM chambre des tnachines | -SHED [i SL] depot des M's | -lurne'd a. a basse pression \ Marine M nuirine | Portable [agr] Lo- comobile I High-speed M a grande vitesse \ Rose Tour" a rosettes \ Stationary M f Uce I Ten horse M de dix chevaux | Donkey Petit cheval ENGINEE'R ienn'-je-nire'] ingenieur [manufac- turing _) constructeur-mecanicien [fitter, en- gine-driver) mecanicien [Xk)officierdu genie S (pi] genie : soldats du genie | ' strike, Greve des mecaniciens | 'S TOOLS ma- c/ii«es-outils [232] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic- Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. HUR FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS HYS asp HURLEMENT" howling : yelling : howl : yell asp Hurler' vn. to yell asp HURLEUR howler [a.) howling HURLUBERLU madcap asp HUSSARD" hussar B34 asp HVTTE hut : shed | _ de Sots' Log-hut f HYACINTHE lee-a-sant] _th H'ybride a. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to tilt : to fight : to dispute [de inarclie) to race JOUTEUR antagonist : adversary : cliampion JOVVENCE [en as a»i] youth JOUVENCEAU youth | ^CELLE damsel Jovial -e a. PURVEY'OR [ve-eiir'i fournisseur (to, de] PUSH coup : effort | A of work.

r [wound) suppurer | Now discharging, [ship'] En decliarge DISCIPLINA'RIAN officier severe : fait obeir : personne stride sur la discipline Dis'cipline [p Jiim] va. desavouer : nier : repudier DISCLAI'MER desaveu : repudiation Disclo'se va. separer [raach) debrayer | _ed A point (S") means silent, or QN" LL" L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. decourager : desapprou- DIS'COUNTER escompteur [yer Discour'aqe [ke-redje] va. en contradiction (with, avec] DISCRE'TION Idissereclie-nn'] discretion : dis- cerneraent : tact | At , a. te'n»i]discerneraent : jugement : distinction Discur'sive [fee-r] a. desenchanter DISENCHANT'MENT desenchantement Disencum'lier [u. Diss, sauf iti Aication contraire DIS Dlsgra'ce [gr£ce\ va. [Amer.] contrarie : mecon- DISGUI'SE [gdize] deguiseraent [va.) deguiser (as, as a, en : from, a] In , Deguise Disgul'se'd a. deraater | ING dematage DISMAY' epouvante : effroi [va.) epouvanter : Dismem'ber va. a.[from, de] renvoyer[banish, expel) bannir : chasser [servt.) congedier : renvoyer : mettre ... I cannot close without a grateful reference to the work of the type-setters and printers ; and in this connection I would wish especially to acknowledge the faithful services of Edward Holders to whose share so large a portion of that work has fallen. I also deeply appreciate the interest which Professor G. although it is not claimed that the exact pronunciation or accentuation of a word can thus be accurately conveyed in every instance, yet the reader will certainly l)e enabled thereby to pronounce words with a degree of correctness which would le wholly out of his reach without such aid. Or again, where he is warned that on in Mould must be pronounced like o : or a in Mate, as e : or tt in ni Md, or a in alone, as e in le, te. preconiser : plaider : defendre ADVOW'SON [raoz'nw] patronage ADZE 7»ermiwef(e [cooper's) doloire JGo'lian HARP [i-o Jt-e-nn] harpe eolienne A'erated le-e-retedd} a. aerien : de fair AE'ROFOr L aile (d'aeroplane] ffil AE'ROGRAM depeetie par la telegraphie sans . to arrange : to adjust : to tit up | S' , To trim one's self up AGENDA memorandum-book : diary s'Agenouiirer' it. to increase : to raise AUGURE omen Ipers) augur Augurer" va. near : close : at hand AUREOLE glory : crown : halo Auriculaire a lar | Doigt , or L' , Little finger | Temoin , Ear-witness AURICULE _la Aurlffire a. decouvrir : divulguer DISCLO'SURE decouverte [secret) divttlgation DISCOLORA'TION [fee-Je-r] decoloration Discol'our Ike-le-r'] va. defaire : mettre en deroute DISCOM'FITURE de'faite : deroute 'DISCOM' F ORT incommodite : gene -.privation Discommo'de va. deranger [vex) chagriner DISCOMPO'SURE derangement : trouble Disconcert' va. decourager DISCOUR'AGEMENT [ke-redje} dec— Discour'aging [ke-r'edje} a. D \ Arrived at years of Fait et sense | Touseone'sown Faire comme on juge a propos [V. decousu : vague DISCUR'SIVENESS decousu DIS'CUS disque Discuss' [fce-s.t] va. deguise (as a, en] [in liquor) gris : ' dans les vignes du Seigneur ' DISGUST' [fffte-sfe] degout [ixi.) degouter (with, de] Ing a. a fa porte [an official) destituer [a matter) quitter [appeal) rejeter DISMISS'AL renvoi : destitution : conge Dismou'nt vn. We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

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