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Last week, Prairie View A&M fired its women’s basketball coach.

Dawn Brown, who had stepped into the role full-time in 2014 after serving on an interim basis, led the Panthers to a 13-15 record this year—but it wasn’t her record that will keep her from coaching Prairie View next season.

If the policy was drafted in collaboration with the Title IX coordinator at Prairie View A&M, and Brown is the only one facing a discipline, it’s understandable why she’s upset.If you have a job that requires traveling, has long hours, or if you want to do other things (visit with friends, join a book club, volunteer, etc.) during the season and you have children, formulate a childcare back up plan.We’re lucky to have family nearby, so when I have a board meeting, or if I have overnight work travel, we’re able to tap on them to help out.I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what it means to be encouraging, without also sacrificing my needs (or wants). All the lacrosse players my husband has coached throughout the years? And, when she’s not on the field, she’ll need to do things like fill out paperwork, make sure assistant coaches understand the game plan, review film, and check out other teams’ games.She’ll need to talk to parents about which colleges their 16-year-old daughters should consider (and which to stay away from), and she’ll need to have a heart-to-heart with a player whose grades aren’t strong enough to continue being a part of the team (followed by what it’ll take to come back).

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He’s able to step back and oversee the the strategy as a whole, and trusts his coaching partners to manage the details. It doesn’t mean you have to put your own needs and schedule on the back burner, but—and this is especially important when you have kids—a coach’s spouse needs to be a cheerleader. She’ll be away most evenings coaching other people’s kids, and your own children need to understand what an awesome difference she’s making in their lives.

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