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Federal and private student loans can be refinanced and consolidated, either through a Direct Consolidation Loan offered by the U. Department of Education or through private lenders.It’s important to fully understand the benefits specific to some federal student loans — benefits that may be lost when refinancing and consolidating.There are different situations that can qualify you for forbearance — such as if you lose your job or if you’re in medical school and completing a residency program, for example.Forbearance isn’t forgiveness — you’ll ultimately have to pay the loan in full.Refinancing your student loans allows you to refinance a single loan or combine multiple student loans.Both options are appealing because they can offer lower rates and term adjustments as well as lower your monthly payments — all of which can help you pay off your loan(s) sooner.This problem still isn't resolved and I wouldn't use Wells Fargo again.The reason I didn't want to go with the Wells Fargo Consolidation is because the interest rate was way to high”Original Review From – graduating in December and having several Stafford loans I am now trying to figure out a repayment plan that leaves the most money in my pocket.

Also, since student loans don’t have prepayment penalties, you won’t be penalized if you choose to put extra money toward repaying your loans.Then be sure to factor the payments into your monthly budget.About two in three college seniors who graduated from public and private nonprofit colleges in 2017 had student loan debt. — Source: The Institute for College Access & Success Setting up automatic payments from your personal checking account can help you manage your monthly student loan payments.And be aware that if you refinance and extend your loan term, you could end up paying more in interest over the life of the loan.If you’re facing financial hardship and finding it difficult to make your private student loan payments, you might be able to apply for forbearance.

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