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The primary application for this mixed weighting approach is in computing robust standard errors.Suppose, for example, that you want to estimate your equation using TSLS weights, but with robust standard errors.with a single weight step is sometimes referred to in the literature as the 2-step GMM estimator, the first step being defined as the initial TSLS estimation.EViews views this as a 1-step estimator since there is only a single optimal weight matrix computation..Windmeijer (2000, 2005) observes that part of this downward bias is due to extra variation caused by the initial weight matrix estimation being itself based on consistent estimates of the equation parameters.Following this insight it is possible to calculate bias-corrected standard error estimates which take into account the variation of the initial parameter estimates.performs one more step 3 in the iterative estimation procedure, computing an estimate of the long-run covariance using the final coefficient estimates to obtain .Since this method relies on the iterative estimation procedure, it is not available for equations estimated by CUE.

In models where there are the same number of instruments as parameters, the value of the optimized objective function is zero.As noted above, both the White and HAC weighting matrix estimators require an initial consistent estimate of .(Technically, the two-stage least squares weighting matrix also requires an initial estimate of , though these values are irrelevant since the resulting does not affect the resulting estimates).The remaining specifications compute estimates of at the final parameters using the indicated long-run covariance method.You may use these methods to estimate your equation using one set of assumptions for the weighting matrix , while you compute the coefficient covariance using a different set of assumptions for .

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If there are more instruments than parameters, the value of the optimized objective function will be greater than zero.

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