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In their article we will discuss the unique dating factors related to Cuban women at play in Havana.Once you touch down in Havana, you’ll most likely instantly notice something different if you’re coming from the U.Generally, a nice casa with high standards can be had for 60-80 USD per night, and even cheaper if you negotiate.The casa owners will normally greet you upon arrival, and be there in the case of any questions.This is especially busy in the afternoon and evening hours, and is a spot where the younger crowd likes to hang out.El Capitolio – Built after The White House, and currently being remodeled for Parliament to make their move back inside.It can also be difficult to find normal food stuffs in stores.Once you step in to a local store, you will see what I mean.

Miramar – Upscale neighborhood, west of the city center.

Cold fronts do occur in the dry season, and temperature swings are common.

Keep in mind hurricane season does affect this region of the world, occurring normally from June-November.

A taxi is easy to find, and you can take any newer or older vehicle, as long as they’re clearly marked with a “taxi” sign.

Tip: If you’re a US citizen and don’t have access to a foreign credit card, Air Bn B is a great option since you can book directly as like with any other property.

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