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ET on CTV), which places a group of sexy singles in a stunning beach house on a picturesque island and gives them the chance to find love and win 0,000.

After all the singles had coupled up, they were introduced to newcomer Kyra, who spent the evening getting to know the couples.The episode ended only seconds before Kyra revealed which guy she wants to be in a couple with, a decision that we imagine will bring the first of many tropical storms to We thought that no one stepping forward for Cashel was the most awkward moment of the night, but this was actually the kickoff to a trifecta of awkwardness after his partner Caro stepped forward not once, but twice for other men.We’re glad Cashel eventually got a Caro-kiss, because that was a rough start.Tuesday’s premiere episode introduced viewers to the 10 singles who immediately coupled up after spending a few seconds standing 10 feet apart from one another, which was all the time they needed to pick their ideal mate.It’s like choosing dodge ball teams in elementary school except the stakes are way higher and the uniforms are much more revealing.

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Cashel and Caro are so far the only couple to put their shared bed to good use, with the pair keeping the romance alive in a nighttime cuddle session while the other couples seemed to have fast-forwarded to the stage in the relationship where you ditch the sexy lingerie for an oversized free charity run t-shirt and fall asleep snoring because of your medical mouthguard. We’re only two days into our stay on so understandably everyone is going light on the pecks.

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