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Still, I want to be fair and open minded about this issue, so I propose this compromise: You may come to the door with your underwear showing and your pants ten sizes too big, and I will not object.

However, in order to ensure that your clothes do no, in fact come off during the course of your date with my daughter, I will take my electric nail gun and fasten your trousers securely in place to your waist.

My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process than can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

Instead of just standing there, why don't you do something useful, like changing the oil in my car?

Boys could call us, If they didn't mind talking to Daddy first. My oldest sister Trudy was the first one to reach the magical dating age of sixteen. and Both of those were a good way to meet Daddy's double barrel. He had on his socks just as Daddy had said he should but he had them on with sandals. Black Look I wore socks just like you said." I saw the frown turn daddy's smile upside down as Daddy pushed the door shut in his face.. He was going to say a few words to them before we left. Daddy was always nice to the young men who came to carry away his daughters. Times have surely changed from way back then when Daddies met young men at the door.

I was in the second grade when the first one called me. Then after a brief pause Daddy told him well you call back in ten years son and he hung up on the young fellow.. One of our cousins had asked Mama and Daddy if She could go on a double date with a boy none of us knew. She had to be home at a decent hour lets say eight pm. When you bring her home You do not sit in the car in the dark in the yard! You pretend to be a gentleman and walk her to the door. He looked at Mama and said "I ought to Call her back in here; You see what a smart Alec jar head he is.! Later I learned that Daddy always gave us girls two things before we went on a date.. The dollar was to buy yourself a drink if you accidentally got out of the house with a boy to cheap to pay for you a soda and the dime was to call Daddy to come and get you should you find yourself on such a date. Daddies don't know who their daughters are dating any more. Girls will come to get the boy and will wear his clothes if she can get them. But I'm glad my Parents loved us enough to try and keep us safe from the world. I hope my son will feel the same about his daughter.

I remember Daddy telling them that he didn't mind If Trudy went on a date but that the Boy better come to the door.. That he would have to know who the boys "people" were.. At which point you Thank her for a lovely evening and get about the business of leaving. " But Daddy didn't make her come back in the house.. And we were to call first and he would be there by the time we finished our soda. If there are any rules for dating the young people break them all. "I laugh often when I think about the rules Daddy had for dating.. And since I know how my son loves his children, I think socks will be the least of a young mans worry when he attempts to date my Grand-daughter.

I may have to stay another night in Atlanta." She came right over to us, turned to my new friend and said, "Daddy, the plane is getting ready to board."Fuck.One of life's greatest mysteries is how the boy who wasn't good enough to marry your daughter can be the father of the smartest grandchild in the world.”~ Proverb“Watching your daughter being collected by her date feels like handing over a million dollar Stradivarius to a gorilla.”~ Jim Bishop My Daddy was a kind and gentle man. I don't know if he ever discussed dating rules with My brothers, I'm sure he did that privately with them.But to date one of his daughters could be a dangerous thing.I am aware that it is considered fashionable for boys of your age to wear their trousers so loosely that they appear to be falling off their hips.Please don't take this as an insult, but you and all of your friends are complete idiots.

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