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In taking her case public, Davis said, she drew confidence from the way women in other fields haven spoken out, from the Hollywood #Me Too and Time’s Up pushes to the voices who spoke out against USA Gymnastics and abusive trainer Larry Nassar.

“I was really inspired by Aly Raisman and her speaking out about USA Gymnastics,” Davis said.

After a flurry of movements nationwide meant to empower women and increase equality between genders, rules that have been overlooked or accepted for years in the NFL may no longer be compatible with the cultural moment.

It is simply the right thing to do.” The end of Davis’s time as a Saintsation began in early January, with the circulation of a rumor among the Saintsations that Davis had been spotted at a party with an NFL player in attendance.

She could not use her last name during public appearances.

She, and the other New Orleans cheerleaders, could spend no more than four seasons on the Saintsations.

She could not be in the same section of a club, or party, or restaurant as a player, regardless of who arrived there first.

Despite her efforts to follow rules, Davis was fired in January after a rumored encounter with a player at a party and a picture the Saints considered racy posted to her Instagram account.

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