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There was confusion today over whether the huge oil slick that is now fouling beaches along the Kuwaiti coastline and is rapidly approaching the coastline of central Saudi Arabia would alter any American plans for an amphibious assault on Iraqi forces in Kuwait.

Motives for Oil Release At his news conference, General Schwarzkopf said that Iraqi forces had deliberately released the oil, perhaps in hopes of foiling an attack on Kuwait from American and other Western ships in the gulf.

General Schwarzkopf and other military officials said they were optimistic that the attack would stop the oil slick from growing any larger and would eventually put out the fire at the Sea Island terminal.

He added quickly, however, that "I am certainly not an oil expert and I am not guaranteeing anybody that this fire is going to go out." The fire might continue, he said, until all of the oil caught in more than 13 miles of pipeline between the manifolds and the offshore terminal was burned off."The best estimates that we had originally were that it will take more than 24 hours before the fire goes out," he said.

"What the petroleum engineers and the oilfield experts advised us to do was to take out these manifolds."By destroying the controls, American officials said, the Kuwaiti oil would spill on land, not continue pouring into the gulf.

During his briefing for reporters, General Schwarzkopf narrated an extraordinary videotape recorded by a camera in the nose of one of the guided bombs dropped by the American jet fighters Saturday night.

Referring to what he described as a precision raid on the oil installations, General Schwarzkopf said, "We are not in the business of destroying Kuwait while we are liberating Kuwait." Efforts to control the slick were stepped up today.By chance, General Schwarzkopf said, American Navy ships in the gulf on Friday encountered a small Iraqi vessel that was suspected of laying mines."They engaged the Iraqi boat, and that boat happened to be next to the Sea Island terminal, and as a result of that engagement, the Sea Island terminal caught fire," he said."So just by circumstance, we did accomplish the first thing we were asked to do." Manifolds Control Flow Then, on Saturday night, four American F-111's were sent to destroy two junctures of the pipeline -- the so-called manifolds that direct the flows from storage tanks for Kuwait's Mina al-Ahmadi oilfields to tankers that tie up at piers or at a terminal off shore."The manifolds essentially control the flow of all the oil that comes out of the oilfields into the storage area and, further, from the storage area out to the ocean," General Schwarzkopf said."I think that we have been successful, but only time is going to tell." What Was Hit American F-111's bombed pipe systems at Kuwaiti storage areas with a capacity of more than 600 million gallons Saturday.The Pentagon said the systems, which regulate the flow of oil to an offshore loading terminal, were destroyed in an attempt to halt the flow of oil into the gulf.

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