Dating and meeting parents

Getting along with the in-laws supports the well-being and health of your relationship, so being well-received by his family will go a long way in staying satisfied and connected (especially if he values their opinion).

Understand that your partner is most likely nervous, too, so approaching this step as a team and supporting each other will make your relationship stronger.

Your partner giving his or her family a heads-up is especially important if you’re an interracial couple or you practice a different religion because these differences can lead to extra stress on first meeting.

Also have your partner be upfront about any dietary restrictions you may have (if a meal is involved) to avoid awkwardness.

Have your partner share anything that will help make the first meeting go smoothly and calm your natural worries.It’s essential to grasp how the venue, location, occasion, length of the visit with family, and the number of people present can change the dynamic of the meeting, and you should set realistic expectations based on these factors.Meeting the parents for dinner nearby if they live locally is completely different than spending a week at their home in another state.As you should already know by now, the Japanese culture values highly the importance of family, community and the preservation of human interaction.While meeting the parents is an important occasion in any family, it is even more so with Japanese girls.

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In the west, once you’re grown up and out of the house, you’re your own person.

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