Dating and relationship idioms

[INFORMAL] NOTE: This expression has a number of possible explanations.

One refers to an ancient way of voting by placing coloured beans in jars or pots, then tipping the beans out and counting them.

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Many people have been asking for Korean love phrases that they can use when dating Koreans. And if you’re not familiar with Korean dating culture yet, it’s useful to get acquainted with it.

hear something through the grapevine or hear something on the grapevine If you hear something through the grapevine or hear something on the grapevine, you are told a piece of news informally by someone who was told it by someone else.

NOTE: One of the early telegraph systems in America was given the nickname ‘the grapevine telegraph’ because the wires often became tangled, so that they reminded people of grapevines.

6 The newspaper reporter paid the office cleaner to spill the beans.

at cross purposes If two people are at cross purposes, they think they are talking about or trying to do the same thing as each other, but they are actually talking about or trying to do different things.

If you hurt someone's feelings, then you be a certain amount of give-and-take.

[Yeah.] And communicate openly before you decide to tie the knot, AND you can't give someone the cold shoulder and expect things to be all rosy.

[Yeah, Trisha.] Well, after hearing that, I was on cloud nine after the first date, thinking that this was the one, but then, she stood me up on the second date.

] Do you remember that girl you said had a crush on me?

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