Dating and ultimatums

However, if you do decide to give an ultimatum, give it to yourself.

Ask yourself how much longer you will stand for something, set that standard, and do what you need to when you feel the time is right.

Or better yet, why would you not give yourself an ultimatum instead of your mate?

If she to have this conversation with her man, there is a problem that she has not noticed or is deliberately ignoring.Also, if you do give your mate an ultimatum and you get the results/commitment you desire, is that commitment sincere? Answer these questions open and honestly before you decide to give an ultimatum because you don’t want to make a mistake, and the mistake could be you pushing your man away, or you staying and missing the blessing that is your true soul mate…not to mention, blocking his too.The ultimate goal of an ultimatum is to start something new in a relationship, and while it may begin something new, it may also bring forth the forcing of something that should not be. Will giving him an ultimatum make him commit to me any faster? I know some of you may be saying that ultimatums work, and that men need a little push from time to time, and this may very well be true.They also could have just been very comfortable & happy where they were in the partnership and didn’t want to change anything. Don’t wait for 2 years to ask those important questions.By bullying someone into marriage or house hunting when they are not ready usually leads to the demise of the relationship out of resentment later on. You should know you are on the same path within the first 6-9 months in your partnership.

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