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Katy Mc Whirter Katy Mc Whirter is a nationally-recognized historian and writer based in Louisville, Kentucky.

The author of Reading People and I’d Rather Be Reading, Bogel lives in Louisville, Kentucky.Mc Whirter holds a bachelor’s in social entrepreneurship from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and a master’s in modern history from the University of York in York, United Kingdom. You value authors of the past on whose shoulders today’s literary stars stand, and you love the smell of an old book maybe even more than a freshly brewed cup of coffee.It goes without saying that e-readers are unacceptable. While you have a good sense of what you like, you also recognize that there are far too many books out there for you to be too closed off to entire genres or time periods.Many have never shared a room at all, let alone with a stranger who parties hearty, pumps up the volume and borrows your best stuff. There is some practical advice on surviving all-night study sessions and avoiding nightmare hook-ups.Also included is a pronunciation guide so Junior can talk about Toulouse-Lautrec and Schopenhauer in the lecture hall without embarrassing himself.

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"The problem with college," says a University of Florida student, "is that you figure it out about the time you're ready to graduate." So, editor Suzette Tyler gathered the wisdom from 900-some seniors into a small, bite-sized book with chapters ranging from "The Orientation Express" to "To be or not to be ...

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