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Beginning in late 1957 for the 1958 model year and continuing through about 1960, Filter Trons had “Pat. Filter Trons are dual-coil “humbucking” pickups, developed by Ray Butts at the request of Chet Atkins, who was not particularly fond of Dynasonics.Historical accounts indicate that the Gretsch humbucker design actually predates Gibson’s better known humbuckers, but Gibson filed for — and received — a patent first.From about 1949 to 1957 Harry De Armond’s “Dynasonic” pickups were standard on almost all electric Gretsch guitars, with the exception of the Convertible model.

To most ears, the ceramic magnets give a harsher, edgier sound.Because they have a row of screws and a parallel row of poles, they are sometimes mistaken for humbuckers.In the modern era, Gretsch builds their own Dynasonics, as De Armond is long gone.In the 70s, Baldwin was shaving a few pennies by putting Filter Trons in the same open-top metal frames as Hi Lo Trons.Either way, the Filter Tron polepieces were hidden under a black plastic cover, making these Filter Trons a bit sleeker looking, and much more difficult to adjust.

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Essentially a single-coil version of the Filter Tron, Hi Lo Trons have a reputation for being weak.

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