Dating different social classes

“Any portion of a community marked off from the rest by social status.

Where a society is composed of social classes, the social structure looks like a truncated pyramid.

Modern sociologists like Maclver and Marshall regard status as the basic criterion of social class.

Maclver and Page define social class as “any portion of a community marked off from the rest by social status.

Usually they live with the members of their own class.

In a nutshell, each social class is a society within a society, though not complete and independent.

Thus accepting such explanations social scientists and political thinkers have tried to analyze the presence of classes in the industrial setting and the agrarian social structure in India.

Max Weber defined class as group of persons having the same ‘life chances’ or social opportunities.A Social class is a stratum with a definite identity recognized by its members and others.It is concerned with a group of individuals which cuts across castes and religion.A social class has its own distinctive ways of life in matters of the consumption system, type of conveyance, the way of recreation and leisure.The members of the upper classes are considered masters rather than servants.

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Some classes are privileged while others are underprivileged.

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