Dating etiquette in spain

For men, dark woollen or linen suits and silk ties with white cotton shirts are recommended.

The most significant environmental issues in Spain include air, water and noise pollution.

They usually do not put too much emphasis upon work, as they like to focus on their leisure and live each day to the fullest.

In general, family and social bonds are more important than a person’s working life in Spain.

The development of important key laws in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility is increasing, especially since the establishment of the State Council on Corporate Social Responsibility in February 2008, which is responsible for fostering and promoting CSR policies, and planning new measures.

In March 2010, the Spanish cabinet approved the Sustainable Economy Law which contains various measures related to CSR focused on transparency, including the disclosure of the remuneration of managers and directors who are responsible for sustainability in the management structures of state-owned companies.

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