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Stocking and hold-ups - in my mind - only make everything you have better, and when you are my height, which is no height at all, anything that makes more of your legs is always a good thing.” -From “She’s Got Legs” by Molly Moore But it’s not just stockings are flattering, which, universally, they are.Stockings for her are more than just a thing to feel sexy in, although there is that.“I love the way that stockings look and feel on me, and I also love the way they look on other women. That thing when you see it, hear it, or get close to it and sends your mind into a flurry of activity.When you look at that thing, that kinky fetish of yours, you want to touch - yourself or someone else. Fantasies play through your mind about what you’ll do, how you’ll react and feel. Foot fetish, worn panties, and latex fetish are all good examples.

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But, let’s explore a nylon stocking fetish by those who love it and describe it as the ultimate in sexy.

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