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The story of their freshmen year navigating the app is told in rotating POVs that all have a distinct voice and a format that worked for me (until the very end- but I’ll get to that later on).

While it was fun watching the characters have their own tech start up journey (and see how it did, and did not, mirror those stories of the founders of Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.) there was quite a bit of predictability in the plot, especially in regards to the moral dilemma some of the characters faced with the app.

Kiley Roache is an author who writes college stories that are just authentic enough to keep readers connected to the characters despite the potentially extraordinary things happening to them, like a girl rushing a fraternity or building the next multi-million dollar social media app.

I was really excited to pick up The Dating Game and experience my college days again in Roache’s sophomore novel.

There’s a lot of really good things about this novel- set at the same university of her debut book, it features three freshmen students trying to find their footing and navigate the cut throat Silicon Valley culture at a premiere university where everyone’s resume is already a mile long.

I think the topics of self worth, competition, and stress on young adults nowadays were really realistic and poignant- there’s so much pressure to overachieve from such a young age for a normal teen, let alone for teens wanting to go to top tier universities with 2% acceptance rates and major in computer science.

When a prestigious class for future entrepreneurs leads to three freshman developing the next It App for dating on college campuses, all hell breaks loose...***Please note the section below will contain some mild spoilers.*** One huge issue that I did have with the book, however, was the portrayal of the antagonist.Now, I’m all for the realistic portrayal of how greedy, selfish, etc.While it isn’t a new favorite for me, if you’re looking for more YA/NA crossover without excessive romance this could be a good fit for you!Television has treated dating like a game since, well, The Dating Game.

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There was also a large romantic element that was unsurprising (they did invent a dating app, after all) but I think we’re also all pretty tired of love triangles in the book community.

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