Dating holding hands

Many people in committed relationship avoid holding hands in public because they feel uncomfortable with public display of affection or feelings whatsoever.

This doesn’t mean your spouse doesn’t love you; it only means they are unable to relax and let go of the idea that by displaying their affection towards you they appear weak, vulnerable and, perhaps, immature.

Generally, most people tend to treat the distance closer than 18 inches (46 centimeters) as their own property [Source: ].

Very few people (and pets) can enter this space without making us feel uncomfortable.

An easy way to find out whether or not the other person is ready to accept you in their personal space is to move your items closer to that person.

This is the reason why “keeping your distance” is a very good idea in the beginning of a relationship.♦ Keeping the distance Not necessarily a romantic gesture, a touch of a hand should come at the right time and in the right context.

Attempting to hold hands with someone whom you have just met may annoy the other person even if they smile in order not to offend you.

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Moving your items into the other person’s space will usually annoy them and there will be a visible discomfort.

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