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Whilst we are not told why Peter is so opposed to the idea of Jesus dying, it seems likely that he is expecting Jesus to be some kind of political Messiah, and that Jesus’ exaltation to the throne of Israel will also mean glory for Peter, reinforcing the need for Jesus’ strong correction.

We can also see the extent of the change that takes place in Peter for he eventually submits to Jesus’ will and no longer seeks his own glory.

Peter is one of the ‘inner circle’ with James and John.

They are singled out to spend extra time with Jesus and are given the privilege of seeing the raising of the Synagogue Ruler’s daughter from the dead, witnessing the Transfiguration, and keeping watch with Jesus in Gethsemane.

It is significant that Jesus tells Peter of his new role so early in their master–disciple relationship.

He wants Peter to be clear about the nature of their relationship and the goal towards which they are aiming. He knew that Simon was not yet the rock ( ), but needed to be shaped and trained into that character and role.

As a result, Jesus appoints Peter to a key role in the Kingdom of Heaven.

[1] Walking On Water Peter’s strength of character was also an asset and on another occasion we see Jesus seeking to channel it towards a deeper faith.

In this incident, recorded by Matthew, Peter and the other disciples have spent a busy period of ministry with Jesus.

Any lesser or gentler rebuke to Peter would have been a disservice to him, underplaying the seriousness of his actions.

Peter’s strength of character also requires a sustained moulding process.

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