Dating keuffel drafting tools

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They are a graphic instrument that make for nice display pieces.

These interesting looking survey instruments are called convertible levels because the scope can be turned in the standards 90 degrees from its fixed wye level setup to become a transit of sorts able to shoot vertical angles.

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That mounting point is not present, but they can be made or had. The horizontal limb is 5 1/2" and graduated to half degrees. The 4 1/2" vertical circle is graduated on silver and also reads to a minute. It is designed to mount either to the top of the scope or just outside the standards on the side.

It typically would accept a Saegmuller Solar Attachment which was the design K & E used on their instruments. It has double vernier windows set to 30 degrees that read to a minute. Mining transits were used in situations where the operator had to shoot down vertical shafts or odd angles and the horizontal plate would interfere.

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