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Use a flattering photo taken in the last twelve months. Before you start, read several of the many articles online about how to protect yourself when using these sites. WENDY: I took on dating as a second job requiring work.

I was careful to memorize the names and ages of their children, and use those names in the conversation.I wanted a man who would be both a life partner and a father. Look at potential partners carefully and be honest with what you see.How they are is what they are going to be in the future. I was beyond happy to know that I didn’t need a man to support myself and my children and I raised my children to be financially self-reliant because economics shouldn’t be why you devote your one life to someone.Yes, I admit it, I even took notes, discreetly that is.Word would come back through the person who set us up that I was a ‘brilliant conversationalist,’ although I had said very little.

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DATING STRATEGIES LARRY: Now I’m going to reveal my greatest secret for men who have not dated in years, maybe decades, and are suddenly thrust back into the fray. It went like this; during the entire first date the men would talk about how accomplished they were in business, sports, and yes, sex. Internalizing all of this I decided to reveal as little about myself during a first date as possible.

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