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In the next bed, the second patient is awake, comfortable and conversant. It occurs because different anesthetists practice differently.

Some can wake up patients promptly, and some cannot.

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This is my practice, and I recommend it for safety reasons.

In the operating room you have all your airway equipment, drugs, and suction at your fingertips.

1) The doctor has decided to intubate your 100 kg patient who has gone into acute respiratory distress.

As the doctor prepares to intubate, he asks you to give 2.5 mg/kg of propofol (10 mg/m L) IVP. Using the formula provided on the IV dosage calulator page, dose ordered = 2.5 mg x 100 kg = 250 mg dose available = 10 mg volume available = 1 m L The answer is 25 m L 250 / 10 x 1 = 25 2) Calculate an IV a maintenance infusion of propofol (10 mg/m L) on a patient weighing 80 kilograms via a volumetric IV pump that delivers in m L/hr.

If an unexpected emergence event occurs in an obtunded patient in the recovery room, your resuscitation equipment will not be as readily available. You’ll have your own recipe, and your ingredients may vary from mine.

In this example, 240 mg become the dose ordered, 10 mg is the dose available, 1 m L is the volume available. 240/10 x 1 = 24 A brief description of propofol can be found at Global RPH This page is intended for educational purposes.

The author of this page has carefully checked that the dosage information on this page is accurate and in accord with the standards accepted at the time this page was printed.

Whether the surgery was a radical neck dissection, a carotid endarterectomy, a laparotomy, or a facelift, it’s preferable to have your patient as awake as possible in the recovery room.

What can you do to assure your patients wake up promptly? There’s a paucity of data or evidence in the medical literature on how to wake patients faster.

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