Dating or marrying a chinese woman Iandian xxx onlian chat

im getting,,some love,very few chinese lessons,i cant think of anything else right now i havent even got a massage yet and thats what she is doing for work....!!

i know when i look at what i wrote.....seems im really going the distance for her but why?

dated and courted and marriage a deffinite after her divorce that is in progress is done.

we been sexual but havent lived togeather ....kept saying need more i think she is moving in tomarrow..december 31 at 10pm to celebrate new year and start to live togeather..

I think she will miss living with all Chinese women...her sister....this why? I check it regularly and never found anything indeed loyal to me as far as me being the only guy...

She barely has any clothes and no paperwork, so when she moved in it's just a small suitcase of few clothes and few wash supplies. If she has feelings toward you, she will call you frequently. Had to pay all the regular bills and I'm supposed to buy air fair and hotel and rental car for 5 days..... Any regular American girl would not got 25% of what I gave her....

She's a very light sleeper last night she got upset because I involuntary sniffed once and it woke her up...... I won't be able to pay for everything...don't have it .......probably going to get pissed.... So I feel she thinks Americans rich still and think farrytale ending........

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i pay lot bills and cant keep afford to live lifestyle she think americans have i pay rent elecctric water internet cell phone car payment car insurence motorcycle insurence health club membership cell phones child support large ammount household supplies and food plus lately.....taking her out to eat very much......buying her gifts....extra gas money to drive to her work 2 round trips per day.....this month im expected to buy airfair hotel and rental car for week in california for her to show up in immigration court for no reason other than she required to be present with her lawyer for trying to get asylum fied....witch i dont think i have enough monies to do....

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