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Back in her hometown of Harbin, she has a husband and a child, but across the border she has acquired a kind of modern-day concubine—a Russian husband, along with another child.“I suspected that the Russian husband—it’s also for practical reasons,” Monteleone said. ’ He was a husband, but at the same time he was an employee.This may be a result of simple demographics: in Russia, there are only eighty-seven men to every hundred women, whereas in China there are a hundred and six men to every hundred women.But, in Monteleone’s view, it’s also a convergence of different social and economic forces.

“In a remote place like this, the Russians just wait for something that is going to happen, while the Chinese try to do something,” he said.

This disparity seemed to shape the interpersonal dynamics of many Russian-Chinese couples that Monteleone met on his travels.

In Blagoveshchensk, he spent time with a Chinese businesswoman who runs a small empire of Russian hotels and restaurants.

It’s only two hundred metres, so the climate must be the same.”After spending a month on the Russian side, Monteleone made another trip the following year to focus on the Chinese regions, with his work funded in part by a fellowship from China File, at the Asia Society.

Many of his photographs have a sense of space that’s rare in China—there are uncut forests, and open blue skies, and flat silver rivers that are free of boats.

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In Monteleone’s photograph, they look like archetypes: Sun with the high cheekbones, long nose, and angled eyes of the northern Chinese; Dianova with fair skin and gentle features that could have been described by Tolstoy (“this black-eyed, wide-mouthed girl, not pretty but full of life”).

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