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A pattern does not have to occur for it to be considered dating violence – one incidence of violence is abuse and it is one too many.

Warning signs of dating violence are similar to those seen in adults.

But when you suggest calling the police or a rape crisis center, your daughter adamantly refuses, and says she doesn't want to talk to anyone. FACT: This is a very common and difficult situation.

Tell your friend firmly you want her to stop for a minute.Reassure her that you're going to help, but first the two of you need to slow everything down.b. Recent victims of crime and trauma usually have to be calmed down repeatedly, because the very powerful emotions overcome them in waves.When that happens, stop the problem-solving conversation, suggest taking a minute or two out, talk soothingly to your friend, then ask her if she feels ready to work on the problems again.In 1995, 7% of all murder victims were young women who were killed by their boyfriends.In situations of dating violence, one partner tries to exert power and control over the other partner through physical abuse or sexual assault.

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Give each group a copy of the scenario (without the answers, of course), and then give the groups enough time to discuss each situation and come up with a plan of action.

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